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MANSFIELD, Ohio (WJW) – Overwhelmed with dogs from five different recent humane cases, the Humane Society of Richland County‘s shelter is asking for help caring for all of the animals they are working to rehabilitate.

The eighteen dogs are in addition to other animals at the shelter that are ready for adoption.

Five of the new arrivals, including four puppies, were discovered emaciated, abandoned in a home after their owners were evicted.

“I’ve never seen puppies that skinny,” said Humane Agent Aleigha Gabor.

“You could imagine how skinny. They are left in cages. Their paws are all burnt from being exposed to feces and urine at a near constant,” said Humane Society Managing Director Linda Chambers. “Their skin conditions, covered in fleas, so those were the worst of the 18.”

Gabor said two other dogs were recovered tremendously overweight after their owner went to jail and left them with too much food.

To make room for the dogs, the shelter has had to become creative, utilizing every available space.

That includes putting cages in their mechanical room for three of the dogs.

They are appealing to the public for donations to help rehabilitate the animals and get them ready for adoption.

“Canned puppy food is great because its another healthy way to put on weight and its better than the canned dogfood. It has more calories. Purina puppy chow is great. We can always use bleach. We are doing a lot of cleaning, paper towels, things like that,” said Chambers.

Donations are being accepted at the shelter, but the agency has also created an online wishlist for anyone willing to contribute.

You can find it here.

“Treats are great… We are grateful for anything that we get,” said Gabor.

“All of our dogs stay here for as long as they need to until they get their forever homes, so yeah, we are going to be getting these dogs healthy and up for adoption, but we already have about 12 to 15 that have been ready and are looking for their forever families,” said Chambers.