CLEVELAND (WJW) – Warmer weather in Northeast Ohio is welcomed by all with open arms, which includes some not-so-pleasant creatures.

Yes, summertime also means the notorious return of the mayflies. 

“Mayflies can cause an issue when they swarm near bridges and lights,” said Lauren Siburkis from Ohio Edison, telling FOX 8 why they are involved in preventing a mayfly takeover.

The key to stopping those huge swarms on the roadway is as simple as the flip of a switch.

“We work with communities to try and prevent that by temporarily shutting off streetlights to prevent them from coming inland,” said Siburkis. 

Unfortunately, mayflies don’t RSVP for their yearly arrival, so Ohio Edison has already put their prevention plan into action. 

The energy company focused on streets near Lake Erie. 

“We are actually finishing up the prevention in Port Clinton today, and we have also done so in Marblehead and Erie Township,” said Siburkis. 

Mayflies might get their name from the month of May, but their arrival usually comes sometime in June.

Siburkis says Ohio Edison will continue to monitor the mayflies throughout the warmer months, until hatching season ends. 

“We will typically resume streetlight service to these communities in September,” Siburkis said.

Her message to the community is to be safe this summer, especially near roads that have their street lights shut off. 

“Obviously, these are happening towns during the summer, and we just want people to use extra caution whether they are driving or walking,” she said.