CLEVELAND (WJW) — The naming rights to FirstEnergy Stadium will once again become the focus for local lawmakers.

A resolution calling on the company’s name to be stripped from the publicly-owned Cleveland Browns football stadium will be voted on Monday.

“I’ve gotten nothing but positive feedback from residents, my colleagues,” said Cleveland City Councilman Brian Kazy.

Kazy is optimistic ahead of a resolution that will be voted on Monday, calling on FirstEnergy to relinquish its naming rights to the home of the Cleveland Browns.

“I’ve had people within the county, the state, the city, all in support of the resolution,” said Kazy.

The resolution was introduced two weeks ago. The facility was first called Cleveland Browns Stadium when it
opened in 1999 but the rights were sold to FirstEnergy in 2013 for a reported $103 million.

“It sends a message to FirstEnergy that we as a city and taxpayers are not in support of them having their name in our publicly owned, municipally owned building,” said Kazy.

If the resolution passes, it wouldn’t force the company to remove the name. Rather, it would serve as a statement ‘against’ FirstEnergy, who was accused in a $60 million bribery scheme to pass House Bill 6.

In addition to being the councilman of Ward 16, Kazy is also chairman of the committee overseeing Cleveland Public Power. Kazy said it’s actually CPP that supplies power to FirstEnergy Stadium.

Since the introduction of the resolution, the Browns issued a statement in support of keeping the name as-is.

FirstEnergy also addressed the resolution in a statement that reads in part, “We have taken swift action to address events that have occurred in recent years and to ensure a culture of strong ethics, integrity and accountability at the company.”

The meeting is scheduled for 9 a.m. Monday. FOX 8 will keep you updated on the case.