MENTOR, Ohio (WJW) – Many people in Mentor have a big clean-up ahead after a tornado ripped through parts of the city.

Houses in the direct path of the powerful storm suffered significant damage, but miraculously, no one was hurt.

Much of Mentor was still without power Friday night, and some side streets were still impassable, like Brentwood Road, where a huge tree was knocked over in the storm.

The tree missed homes, but others did not.

A security camera from a FOX 8 viewer showed the power of the EF-1 tornado blowing through Mentor just after midnight Friday, winds topping 110 miles an hour.

“I can’t begin to tell you how afraid we were,” said Natalie Laine.

Laine lives on Brentwood Road where a huge tree in the front yard snapped, falling into the yard across the street. That tree did not hit her home, but when a loud noise startled her out of bed, she and her husband realized others did.

“It was so big and thunderous. When it hit the roof, it was shaking. I said ‘Oh my gosh what the heck is going on?’ We couldn’t see because it was so dark, plus all the brush from the tree was blocking everything,” said Laine.

Natalie says the tornado knocked three giant trees onto her house, damaging the roof. Her entire backyard is covered with limbs and branches from two of the trees.

“It’s a 125-foot tree that fell, that was not dead, there was nothing wrong with it. Is this not insane? Would you look at this?” Laine said.

One street over on Middlesex Road, homeowners are dealing with similar issues. A tree did heavy damage to the roof of this home, and tree companies were busy all down the street.

“I went to go over to the bedroom window and that’s when I heard a lot of cracks and debris falling. I screamed for my wife, got her, got the kids out, got them to the basement, but the tree was already through the house,” said Mentor resident Glenn Galent.

“It sounded almost like a jet was about to crash into the house and so I had jumped out of bed and right as I turned to go into the living room, the tree crashed right through,” said resident Monica Karpovitchh

The National Weather Service says the tornado stayed on the ground for more than three and a quarter miles and was about 150 yards wide.

It leaves people like Natalie and her family with a big job clearing debris outside, but also fixing ceilings that were damaged inside their home too.

“It’s devastation, I mean, it is complete devastation. God saved us,” she said.

Residents in the neighborhood said they never heard any tornado sirens to warn them.