ROCKY RIVER, Ohio (WJW) – Homeowners are cleaning up from Wednesday night’s severe weather while also bracing for another round of flooding Thursday night.

Torrential rain caused flash flooding across Northeast Ohio both outside and inside of houses and apartments.

On Westhaven Lane in Rocky River, nobody could recall flooding in the past, but almost everyone had some water issues from the deluge overnight.

“It just came down so fast, so suddenly all at once,” said Rachel Carney.

Thursday night, homeowners were still cleaning up their basements, dragging soggy carpeting to the curb and drying out other waterlogged items.

At least one gentleman said he was trying to salvage old photographs that were in a cardboard box and suggesting people get theirs off the floor before the next storm system.

“You go, ‘uh oh,’ and you go into emergency panic mode and I opened the basement door and could see the carpet at the bottom of the basement was just completely saturated,” said Stella Compiseno.

They had about one to two inches of water in their basement and hoped it was fluke, especially with heavy rain forecasted for Thursday night into Friday morning.

“We’ll find out tonight because we’re getting another round,” said Compiseno. 

The carpeting was ruined and had to be removed. They spent hundreds of dollars on a Shop-Vac and industrial fans to save everything else.

“We called water restoration companies but they’re all backed up and we’ve got to do something now,” she said.

Over in Lorain, residents were reporting similar damage.

“It was pretty scary,” said Della VanAntwerp. “And we just had new roofs, rain gutters put in and then this.”

She says almost everyone in the lower level units flooded at the Oakhill West Apartments, anywhere from a couple of inches up to two feet of water.

“It started coming into the living room first, so I was able to go into the bedroom and get everything I could and stack it on the bed,” said VanAntwerp.

She says management was trying to help clean up the water, but some of the damage is extensive, including peeling paint and soggy drywall falling apart.

“With the next storm coming, who knows what’s going to happen to us,” she said.

Damages could range from hundreds of dollars to thousands or more, they say.

All of the flood victims were wondering what’s next and worried about more rain Thursday — keeping one eye on the sky and the other on their basements.

“It’s scary because I don’t know what to do to prepare,” said VanAntwerp.