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EASTLAKE, Ohio — Last February, Annmarie Grinstead was home alone in Eastlake, recovering from surgery.

While she was resting, a log in her fireplace somehow rolled out into the living room and lit her house on fire.

Luckily her dog, Koda, a one-year-old rescue pup, woke her up. Koda was sleeping right next to her.

“Apparently he knew something was wrong. He jumped on top of me– really heavy– and woke me up,” Grinstead told FOX 8 News.

Thankfully, her neighbors had already called the fire department, but she and Koda found themselves struggling to get out of the burning home.

Fire in Eastlake

Grinstead said she and Koda crawled through the bathroom. She couldn’t see at all. Then, she got stuck; while trying to maneuver between two doorways, Grinstead’s pants became caught and wouldn’t come loose.

“Koda latched onto my sweater and started to drag me until I got out of the house, and he wouldn’t leave. He stood there until I got out. The whole side of him got burned. He got singed really bad. He wouldn’t leave until I got out and that is when he finally left.”

Last week, the City of Eastlake gave Koda the ultimate award and named him heroic dog of the year.

That’s something that Grinstead already knows… and will never forget.