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CLEVELAND, Ohio — Donald Trump today is expected to release a list of speakers for the Republican National Convention. 

There is a long list of party faithful who will not attend, but Trump has tweeted that there is no shortage of speakers.

We can expect a non-traditional slate of speakers at the RNC. He’s given some hints, and sports stars and family members are expected to be on the list.

Trump announced at a rally in Cincinnati Wednesday night that former Indiana basketball coach Bobby Knight will speak on his behalf. Boxing promoter Don King is also expected to take the stage.

The past two GOP nominees, Mitt Romney and Sen. John McCain will not attend. Neither will former rival Marco Rubio, who is staying in Florida to focus on his Senate campaign.

Ted Cruz could speak, and Ben Carson likely will. But Gov. John Kasich so far has given every indication he won’t be there.

At Trump’s side at yesterday’s rally was former House speaker Newt Gingrich. He’s become one of Trump’s highest profile supporters and is widely considered a top VP contender.

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