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CLEVELAND – For the first time, the Republican National Convention is on Snapchat!

“Snapchat is the platform that people know the least about. Kids know a lot about it but as far as the general person coming to the RNC, it’s the app they are least likely to have,” said Cassie Smedile, digital content director of the convention.

The Snapchat account’s name is GOPconvention16 and they use the hashtag #RNCinCLE.

Smedile says it’s never been used at a convention before.

She thinks it offers a perspective beyond tv, beyond Facebook, beyond Twitter.

“We’ll get our first wave of people this weekend so we’re doing ‘Signs of the RNC Convention is on it’s way here,” said Smedile.

Wednesday’s story included snapping signs around town, as well as an exclusive sneak peek inside Quicken Loans Arena as an almost 2,000 square foot curved screen was put into place.

Although it’s the preferred social media platform of 18-to-24-year-olds, Smedile says a Snapchat presence will appeal to all ages during the RNC.

“That’s our challenge to make sure we keep it candid for people. So they feel that it happened in that moment and they saw it as close to real time as possible. That’s what Snapchat lets you do,” said Smedile.