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CLEVELAND – Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson and Police Chief Calvin Williams gave an update on the city’s status as Day 2 of the Republican National Convention began on Tuesday.

Williams said that so far, things were going well. “Yesterday was not too bad, but we’re not going to let our guard down.”

Since the start of the RNC, there have been 5 arrests made.

Two arrests were from Monday which involved someone trying to steal a gas mask and then an arrest at Speaker’s Corner for an outstanding warrant.

There were three arrests Tuesday morning for criminal mischief in connection with the people who climbed the flag poles at the Rock Hall in order to hang a banner.

“All in all, not a bad day. Lots of things going on, lots of moving parts,” said Williams.

Williams did have a message for activists and protestors who chose to wear masks and scarves on Monday. He reports that on Monday night there were about a dozen calls between 8 p.m. and midnight regarding people wearing masks, which scared some of the public. Police approached a small group masking up in a doorway, wearing backpacks with gas masks and sling shots inside. Their slingshots and gas masks were confiscated.

Williams says if you support a cause that requires wearing a mask, maybe you should consider a new cause. People are welcome to march wearing their masks, but if they intend to be destructive that won’t be supported by the City of Cleveland.

Listen to his remarks, above.


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