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CLEVELAND – Transportation is one of the biggest concerns for those coming to Cleveland for the RNC this summer.

“Our job is to move our delegates, alternatives, VIPs, stakeholders, from their respective hotels throughout Northeast Ohio into the Convention Hall each night and get them home safely,” said Jeremiah Shirk, the RNC’s Director of Transportation.

Shirk knows how to manage big events. He has handled the transportation for several Super Bowls and worked for the operations team during the RNC in Tampa in 2012.

“It takes coordination with the Secret Service, the Cleveland Police Department, the city, RTA and others to make sure that the city can still operate around the event.”

When the final gavel comes down each night around 11:00 p.m., the transportation committee plans to transport over 12,000 people in less than 40 minutes.

A final security perimeter hasn’t been announced yet, but Shirk has already been able to formulate most of the plan regardless.