CLEVELAND (WJW) — There are remarkable women in every community. During the month of March, Fox 8 will highlight the four local finalists in our Remarkable Women contest.

Lisa McGuthry owns a boutique on Cleveland’s east side — it’s a place where she is working to create community.

Every Thursday, Beverly Lloyd, or as the kids know her, Mama Awan, has hosted story hour any hour where she picks a multicultural book and reads it to a live audience and to a nice following on Facebook.

It’s a small start-up little book club for children. It’s a little niche thing that has found a home in McGuthry’s boutique, Our Favorite Things, on Larchmere Boulevard.

“Building community means meeting people where they are. At creating safe spaces for people. So many people come here to interact with one another,” she said.

Lisa said she knew when she started her boutique more than 10 years ago that she didn’t just want a store. The former teacher said she wanted a community where people can come to find things like clothes, jewelry, crafts and other items produced by local makers, which puts money back into the community.

But the local talent isn’t just about objects.

“We work with literacy in the hood, where we pass out books daily to parents and caregivers who don’t have access to books,” she said.

Lisa likes to feature people who are doing positive things, like Literacy in the Hood, with its book giveaways or, of course, The Story Lady. She even helps guide other folks who are hoping to create their own businesses.

“Mentoring other entrepreneurs. We have over 16 local entrepreneurs in our boutique, and what I teach women and other entrepreneurs is that we’re not in competition. We’re here to grow, thrive and learn from one another,” she said.

Lisa also knows how to get things moving to get people what they need.

There is a school supply drive in the fall and a prom and graduation clothes drive in the spring. A dorm kit for needy students starting college on a tight budget. Food giveaways and even giving children a ride of sorts on the Polar Express at Christmas.

“We dress up like elves. One of my favorite scenes is passing those children those golden tickets. To come into the room, and that’s when I pull out my jacket, and I’m actually the train conductor,” she said.

Lisa has also created a small army of volunteers who give their time to make positive change. It’s what she calls the “Good Vibes Tribe.”

“Anyone can be a part of the Good Vibes Tribe, but they give back,” she said. “They help. When I mention there is an initiative coming, they’re all over it.”

If you look all around Our Favorite Things, there are tons of little encouraging words of wisdom that are here to inspire.

Lisa says lessons she learned from her grandmother, who sold pennants and peanuts at old Cleveland Stadium, taught her that being in business isn’t just about “you.” It’s about creating relationships. And if the people around you do well and get the things they need to thrive on, everyone will be better for it.

“We really want to build community, and if we’re building community, it will help children,” she said. “It will help out communities. It will help families. It will be a chain reaction. That’s what I want it to do.”