AKRON, Ohio (WJW) – A 17-year-old boy sprung into action and saved his siblings and mother from their burning house.

According to the Akron Fire Department, the fire started before 6 a.m. on Tampa Avenue Thursday and was extremely intense.

Thick, black, billowing smoke could be seen for miles and from Fire Station 10 as trucks pulled out and headed to the scene.

“Can you please hurry?” pleaded the teen as he paced in the street and called 911 after escaping the home.

Firefighters say a smoke alarm woke up the teen and he jumped from a second story window to safety.

He then coaxed his two teen siblings into jumping and stood beneath the window to help catch them and break their fall.

As the fire continued to spread, they ran around the house and screamed for their mother to alert her to the danger.

“The three teenaged children had to escape from an upstairs window and then went around to help their mom also get out,” said Captain Sierjie Lash, Akron Fire Department Public Information Officer.

“It was pretty astonishing how big the fire got and how hot it was,” said Alisa Heffernan, who lives right next door and whose house was also damaged in the blaze.

Heffernan was at work and watching it all unfold on a Ring door camera after calling 911.

Her sister and two small children had been asleep when they heard loud exploding sounds from the cracking windows and melting siding.

“My sister thankfully knew what to do,” said Heffernan. “As far as the house and belongings go, I don’t care. I’m just glad my kids were safe and obviously the neighbors were able to make it out.”

Sadly, the neighbor’s house is a total loss and several adult dogs and puppies perished in the blaze.

But firefighters say things could’ve been significantly worse if not for the teenager’s quick thinking. 

“Being able to wake up and assist his siblings and alert mom, I can only imagine,” said Lash. “That is very remarkable.” 

The teens’ heroic actions are already under consideration for a hero’s award in the city.

The cause of the fire is under investigation.