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CLEVELAND– Some relatives of Camilia Terry’s other children say they noticed signs of trouble in the home for years.

“It hurts because they could have saved him,” said Mildred Cobbs.

Cobbs says she treated 3-year-old Emilliano Terry just like he was her biological grandson.  She is the paternal grandmother of his five year old brother, Camilia Terry’s oldest child.

“Emilliano was quiet, real sweet child. When he wanted something he heard his brother. It was ‘grandma’ and I answered to ‘grandma’.”

Cobbs says for several years she tried to get custody of her grandson, afraid he was not safe in his mother’s home.

“Just watching my grandson, he was afraid to go home, you know, it’s a difference in a child crying because they don’t want to leave where they at. But, it’s another thing when a child sees his house and almost jumps out of his skin because he’s scared,” Cobbs said.

She says when she first heard Camilia’s story on Sunday that Emilliano had wandered off in a park, she believed it at first, but quickly changed her mind.

“I didn’t know what to believe, but I didn’t believe that somebody just came and took him. It didn’t sit right with me,” she said.

She says if Camilia had called, she would have helped with any problems she had with raising any of her three children, which includes a five-month-old boy.  She never thought Camilia would ever be accused in the death one of them.

“I don’t take it from her that she loved her kids, but she was mean,” said Cobbs.

An investigator with the Cleveland Police Department tells Fox 8 that the five-year-old kept pointing at a dumpster near his home, and that’s what led investigators to the landfill where Emilliano’s body was found.  For Cobb, that’s heart-breaking.

“He watched his mother dispose of his brother and he won’t see him no more, you know. That’s a lot for a five year old to have to endure,” Cobbs said.

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