CLEVELAND (WJW)– A recent graduate of Orange High School is hospitalized and fighting for her after a serious accident while she was riding a moped in Hawaii.

Zoe Ursetti went to the University of Hawaii to pursue a nursing degree after graduating in 2021.

Her sister Kiersten Ursetti said the bright and bubbly 18-year-old former cheerleader was learning to surf and loving Hawaii when she was struck by a vehicle on her way to class April 28.

“She was in an intersection on her moped turning left when she got swiped from the right side and basically everything on her right side is fractured and broken,” Ursetti said.

Zoe’s femur, arm and nose were all broken. Her left side also sustained critical road rash burns that will require plastic surgery.

But Kiersten said the family is most concerned about the traumatic brain injury.

“She’s in ICU right now,” Kiersten said. “She kinda opens her eyes, but it’s still like nothing is really there so we’re just waiting for her to wake up.”

Doctors have told the family that it could take a couple weeks before she wakes up, which is very difficult for the family because Zoe is more than 4,500 miles from home.

Kiersten said it took days just to get their mother an airline ticket to Hawaii.

“It broke my heart that she was there alone because it took so long just to find a flight, but now my mom’s there trying to wake her up,” she said.

A GoFundMe has been set up for Zoe to help with multiple orthopedic and reconstructive surgeries, an extended hospital stay, rehabilitation, physical therapy as well as many other long term needs and expenses. Any money left over beyond Zoe’s care will be donated to help others, said Kiersten.

They just want Zoe home safe and soon.

“The next step is for her to wake up and once she has enough strength, we’ll bring her home and then she’ll get care here and be here with us,” said Kiersten, choking back tears. “Ultimately, the end goal is I’m getting married next year and she’s gonna be in be in my wedding and I just want us all to dance together.”