(WJW) — Parents be aware. Some toddler cups have been recalled due to the potential for lead exposure, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission reported.

Green Sprouts is voluntarily recalling its straw bottles, sippy cups and sip & straw cups after seven people reported broken products revealed a “solder dot that contains lead.” However, the company said no one has been harmed after the toxic substance was exposed.

The North Carolina-based company said they didn’t know lead would be an issue with these products and that an approved third-party service had tested the cups prior to release.

“Had we been aware that a component containing lead in these products could become accessible, we wouldn’t have put them on the market,” the company said on its website. “There is negligible risk to the health and safety of users. We are undertaking the costs and challenges of this recall voluntarily because our customers’ health and safety must come first.”

Photo courtesy U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission

Those who have the products at their home are asked to throw them out.

Check for tracking numbers 29218V06985, 35719V06985, and 33020V06985 on the bottom of any Green Sprouts cups, to see if they need to be tossed. About 10,500 products are reportedly affected.

Anyone who wants a refund can do so by heading here.

It is currently illegal in the United States to purposely add lead to most products.