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RAVENNA, Ohio (WJW) — A woman who admitted to driving impaired and crashing a car, killing her two daughters and another 13-year-old girl in 2020 will face at least 30 years in prison.

Julianne Shead, 43, of Ravenna, was sentenced on charges of vehicular homicide and assault charges, as well as an OVI charge on Wednesday in Portage County Common Pleas Court.

Shead was handed minimum sentences of 10 years on each of her three counts of aggravated vehicular homicide, as stipulated by attorneys during her plea agreement. She could face an additional five years in prison if she commits additional violations while incarcerated.

“I will admit to you when this first happened, I didn’t care how, but I wanted you dead, I wanted to see you carried into your grave, the same way I had to carry my little sister into hers,” said Dave Montecalvo.

His 13-year-old sister Evey Montecalvo was killed in the crash. He spoke in Portage County Common Pleas Court Wednesday afternoon, before Judge Laurie Pittman sentenced Shead.

“You see Julie, you didn’t just take my sister away from me, or my mother’s daughter or my grandparents’ grandbaby, you took away a beloved figure to a great number of children in this community,” said Montecalvo.

“I can feel it in my chest, in my arms and when I think that I can never hold her again, it’s an ache that will never go away, it just breaks my heart,” said the little girl’s mother Melissa Montecalvo.

Shead pleaded guilty to driving a pickup truck, speeding, up to 100 miles an hour, with seven other people, mostly teenagers inside a truck meant for five. Shead lost control on Peck Road in Shalersville and hit a tree, tossing six of the people from the vehicle.

“It was the defendant and the defendant alone who placed those children in danger and peril. She chose to allow those kiddos to pile up on one another’s lap and certainly that was past capacity. All the while, she was drinking, smoking, blaring music and driving recklessly,” said assistant Portage County prosecutor Connie Lewandowski.

Shead’s daughters, 22-year-old Marlana Mullin, 12-year-old Christine Shead and family friend, 13-year-old Evey Montecalvo were killed. The defendant’s 14-year-old twin sons Garret and Austin, her 19-year-old nephew Matthieu Glass and 15-year-old friend Brandon Krotzer were hurt.

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“I saw my son crushed underneath the truck with his legs and unable to move, I tried to speak to him to keep him calm, I watched your daughter take her last breath, crushed underneath my truck and that will haunt me for the rest of my life,” said Shead, speaking directly to people seated in the Ravenna courtroom.

Prosecutors said Shead was also high on meth and was driving on a suspended license from a DUI she received just three months before the crash.

“If I could take away all the pain and suffering, I would. If I could trade places with our daughters I would. If I could take all of the damage from all of the injuries that everyone who has been imposed on this, I would, but I can’t,” Shead said.

Pittman handed down the 30-year sentence recommended in the plea agreement, adding a final statement before adjourning the hearing.

“I don’t know if I could forgive you if it happened to my family,” she said.

The judge also suspended Shead’s driver’s license for life.