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Saginaw, MI (WNEM) — A New York-based company is raking in the dough and not offering apologies for a service that helps students cheat their way through college.

The website’s name says it all. The name of the site is ‘Pay Me to Do Your Homework.’

Jessica Mott is the owner of the website. Mott says the website may be immoral, but it is not illegal.

Most of the customers are college students looking to cheat in an online class.

The business is booming, and Mott is raking in the cash. Mott says many students are desperate to lighten their load, and they’re willing to pay big bucks for the service.

“We have over 6,000 customers,” says Mott. “I found something that didn’t exist and I created it. It has just taken off.”

The price tag for doing homework is hefty. Essays can run anywhere between $15-$50 per page. Basic assignments run from $20-$500. Math problems rake in as much as $15 per solution and an entire course can run from $100-$300 per week.

Mott has transaction records showing customers paying thousands of dollars per semester.

Mott says her website has more than 75 tested experts on hand who serve as brains behind the grades.

Mott says no students have ever been caught using the service.

However, the program would likely be seen as a violation of the academic honesty clause in place at many institutions across the country.