RICHMOND HEIGHTS, Ohio (WJW) – Richmond Heights police say they have been having a hard time tracking down the person behind an ongoing graffiti problem.

Lt. Denise DeBiase with Richmond Heights police says this graffiti artist or artists have been a problem for over a year. Report after report, the same outcome: someone painting on property that isn’t theirs.  

“People are actually seeing this graffiti artist, so this in the middle of the daytime,” said Lt. DeBiase. 

One of the places to get hit the hardest is the Dorchester Village Apartments. 

The property manager, Diana Fury, told FOX 8 that they are just tired of dealing with the mess left behind. 

“I respect that you might have an artistic ability, but please put it on paper. Not on our signs, not on our buildings,” said Furry. 

Those that are being impacted by the graffiti believe it will only continue to happen. 

It’s leaving people like James LaFortune, who does maintenance for Dorchester Village Apartments, as the one-man cleanup crew. 

LaFortune says he would much rather be working on anything else.

“I got a desk. I’m supposed to be there. I’m not there, I’m out with the guys every day,” said LaFortune. 

He just wants it to stop. 

“Please don’t put it on the building, put it on paper. Send it to them and they will post it up,” said LaFortune. 

Lt. DeBiase says they do have at least one person they think is behind this but believe others could be involved. She is urging anyone who sees this happening to call them.