NORWALK, OHIO (WJW) – A Huron County puppy was in the fight of its life after accidentally swallowing drugs while out on a walk.

A sheriff’s report states the drugs were in a plastic bag with gum wrappers when the pup ate the drugs earlier this month at the Huron County Land Lab Park.

The 3-month-old puppy began passing out shortly after returning home and was rushed to the vet where naloxone, a drug used to treat overdoses, was administered.

Huron County Humane Society Investigator Daphne Nelson said she has not heard of a case like this in the county before.

“A little bit of disbelief that a puppy could get a hold of some drugs like that,” said Nelson.

Although rare, incidents like this prove pet parents can never be too careful and must remain vigilant while out on walks Nelson said.

“Guessing it was pretty scary for the owners to come across that, definitely leash – you see your puppy, your dog, pick up something you don’t know what it is, get it out of their mouth quickly,” said Nelson.

She advised dog owners to stick to familiar routes for walks and encouraged sidewalk use where dangers might be more visible.

“If you’re out on a trail keep your eyes peeled, make sure you’re not seeing anything that could be harmful to your animal,” said Nelson. “Get it picked up and moved or get the animal out of harm’s way.”

As an additional precaution, call authorities for help instead of touching suspected drugs.

Local dog owners shared disbelief about the puppy’s ordeal, one said she will stick to dog parks for exercising her dog Scooby Doo.

“Horrible can’t believe something like that would happen so close to home,” she said.

It’s not clear what type of drug the puppy swallowed. According to the sheriff’s report, the owners of the puppy requested additional patrols in the area to curb suspected drug use. The puppy’s owners declined an interview but said their dog is doing much better.