BAY VILLAGE, Ohio (WJW) — Usually, kids smashing pumpkins is a bad thing — but not in Bay Village.

Sixth-graders from Bay Village City Schools went medieval on some gourds — all in the name of STEM.

The students spent weeks preparing their weaponry, building catapults, slingshots and trebuchets to launch their pumpkins sky-high at the Fourth Annual Punkin’ Chunkin’ event.

It was “a great opportunity for kids to engage with experts in our community in the field of STEM,” Superintendent Scot Prebles said. 

Some pumpkins were launched a country mile, and some not so far, but it was all about having fun.

Team “Smashing Pumpkins” launched several pumpkins well over 100 yards, setting a new record of 109 yards and earning first prize in the process.

Team Captain Daniel Kleinhenz said it took three weeks to build their machine and he’s just happy it worked when it was time for the competition.

“The best part is the joy of just launching it and seeing that you spent so much time on it,” he said. “You see that it works, and it doesn’t fail.”

Daniel’s dad Ken Kleinhenz said he’s proud of his son, and all the kids who took part in the fun.

“Lots of fun keeping the kids active in it,” Ken said. “Thank you, parents. Thank you everyone for helping out.”

Prizes were awarded for farthest distance, most decorative, most team spirit and accuracy.