GEAUGA COUNTY, Ohio (WJW) – A drag event in Chardon went on as scheduled with many protesters and supporters turning out.

The Community Church of Chesterland hosted a sold-out, drag show brunch at a restaurant in Chardon Square, Element 41, for anyone 18 years of age or older. An afternoon drag story hour, held at the Community Church of Chesterland and open to children, followed the brunch.

Many police officers, both on foot and horseback, were present at the event as protestors held signs and bull horns. There was also a police command center set up.

While hoping for peace, police prepared ahead for unrest at the two drag events.

The fact that children were among those attending a private drag story hour at the church has been a source of controversy and, some say, led to the church being vandalized by an Alliance man, who was arrested on Friday on a charge of arson.

In addition to the large police presence, organizers hired their own private security for each event, which included the use of metal detectors to check for weapons.

According to Fox 8 Reporter Brad Hamilton, all protestors left the Chardon event once it started storming.

In Chesterland, a much different scene. Not a single protester showed up to the Story Time Event at the Community Church of Chesterland.

There was once again massive police presence, every person checked by security to park in the private lot. 

In the end, both shows went on without any issues. 

Some words were exchanged throughout the day but that is about it.