AKRON, Ohio (WJW) It’s the first night this week that downtown Akron is without a curfew following protests over the police-involved shooting death of Jayland Walker

Mayor Dan Horrigan lifted it after violent demonstrations were followed by several nights of peace, but tension started to rise again Wednesday night as protesters continued to demonstrate in front of the Akron Police Department.

Protesters started to block the street and that’s when a line of officers came out, pushing people away. Some of those protesters used their cars to block the street.

FOX 8 crews on the scene saw several people taken into custody. Police made it clear that anyone who was on the street downtown would be subject to arrest.

Our crews were asked to move so they wouldn’t be hit with any tear gas they may have to deploy.

The 25-year old was shot multiple times and killed by Akron police officers following a chase early last Monday morning.

Earlier Wednesday evening, a small but determined group held a prayer and unity vigil in the parking lot of Prevail Church in Firestone Park.

“We’re not here to protest, nor is this a demonstration, but rather as a solemn time to reflect on the loss of life, not just here in Akron, but all around this country,” said Pastor Michael Murphy of Akron’s Prevail Church.

“Just to bring some peace and comfort to a community that’s hurting. People are just on high alert right now, everybody seems to have anxiety. They’re stressed out,” Pastor Murphy continued.

Before the first pitch at the Akron Rubberducks baseball game at Canal Park, the team remembered Jayland Walker with a moment of silence, as the community tries to heal and return to a sense of normalcy.

“We had tickets for tonight and we weren’t sure between the curfew and the weather if the game would be on,” said Kevin Landers.

“I had second thoughts of coming, but we’re here with my son’s baseball team, so I didn’t want to let him miss out,” said Tierra Adams.

The team postponed its series opener with Altoona, which was scheduled to start Monday, due to the city’s downtown curfew.

Wednesday’s game was moved up two hours earlier, from 7:05 p.m. to 5:05 p.m. to ensure everyone was able to leave downtown by nightfall.

“It’s a great feeling to be able to be here and I see there’s good security around and I’m glad to see that people are getting normal,” said Nath Srivastava.

“Let us emerge from these events, these past weeks stronger, more unified than ever before. We look to the government for the answers, but the word of God tells us to look to God for the answer,” said Pastor Murphy.

Mayor Horrigan emphasized that police are not arresting peaceful demonstrators. He says the people that were arrested Sunday night were ones who were breaking the law.