**Watch a previous report on Mayor Brad Sellers above.**

WARRENSVILLE HEIGHTS, Ohio (WJW) — The FOX 8 I-Team has found Cuyahoga County prosecutors are now reviewing a report from the Ohio Ethics Commission on Warrensville Heights Mayor Brad Sellers and his taxes.

That report could help prosecutors decide if they will seek criminal charges.

Last winter, prosecutors asked the ethics commission to “review the conduct” of mayor Sellers.

The I-Team had reported Sellers had signed a document  giving himself a property tax break in his city. That tax break caught the eye of investigators.

Back in January, we asked Sellers directly about  giving himself a tax break. Isn’t that a conflict of interest?

At that time, Sellers responded by saying, “No, that’s where you’re mistaken on this point. Let me tell you why. The document comes straight out of the Law Department. If they thought there was an issue, they would not have let me sign.”

A spokesperson for the prosecutors office told us the ethics commission report had been received Dec. 9, and it is still under review.

The Ohio Ethics Commission does not talk about pending cases.

Back in 2018, the I-Team also revealed Sellers had fallen behind on paying his taxes. Last January, we revealed it had happened again.

Then, last July, a spokesperson for Cuyahoga County told us Sellers had just paid a whopping tax bill clearing up his back taxes. The county said Sellers caught up by paying $16,000.