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CLEVELAND– A man sitting on death row for the murder of a Cleveland police officer was indicted after DNA linked him to a fifth rape, prosecutors said.

Quisi Bryan, 42, shot Cleveland police officer Wayne Leon to death in 2000 on Cleveland’s west side.

Bryan has been convicted of four other cold-case rapes since he’s been in prison, after he was linked to them through DNA.

Now DNA evidence just linked Bryan to the unsolved 1994 rape of a then 49-year-old woman, said Rick Bell, director for the Cuyahoga County Prosecutor’s Cold Case Unit.

“She was wondering what had happened to the case, and is glad we are going forward with the prosecution,” Bell said.

According to the 1994 police report, the woman was walking on East 93rd Street when she was attacked by a man who had a knife. He pulled her behind an abandoned home and raped her in an abandoned car.

“He’s a known serial rapist,” Bell said.

Bell said this latest hit came as part of a program called SAK, or sexual assault kit.

DNA is extracted from old, unsolved rapes and put into the DNA database for convicted felons.

Prosecutors believe the rapes may be one reason why Bryan murdered Officer Leon.

“If he had been caught, perhaps he would have been linked up to those rapes. So we know this may have been one of the reasons why he chose to pull his gun,” Bell said.