CLEVELAND (WJW) – Cleveland City Council called in the Cuyahoga County prosecutor for a hearing on juvenile crime, and he brought an I-Team report showing the chaos in the streets.

Both council members and the prosecutor put the safety director and police chief on the spot. The council members and Prosecutor Michael O’Malley told city leaders they have to do something about kid criminals before things get worse.

O’Malley outlined a spike in carjackings and other violence carried out by teens. He showed the I-Team report on dirt bikes, pointing out Cleveland police often do virtually nothing about packs of dirt bikes.

So, O’Malley challenged the police to do more to keep you safe.

He said, “It’s giving the impression to me, and I’m just speaking from the heart, that this city is becoming lawless and it doesn’t happen anywhere else, but this goes back to the question: how much of this are we going to accept?”

The police chief said his department is short-staffed by more than 250 officers now. A new training class is set to begin, but it only includes 25 officers.

The safety director said the administration is working on new laws to target dirt bike riders.

But, council members pointed out the city already has laws on the books. Council members pressed the police chief on why officers are not allowed to do more to clear the streets of packs of dirt bikes.