LAKEWOOD, Ohio (WJW) – A controversial ordinance was introduced Monday night in Lakewood, a community known for its parking issues.

The ordinance would limit on-street parking at local auto repair shops.

Shop owners voiced their concerns over Ordinance 10-2023, which was introduced by Mayor Meghan George.

“For many years we’ve heard from both businesses and residents on issues with automobile repair facilities using public parking for their private business and day-to-day operations,” said George.

Among other things, the ordinance would significantly restrict on-street parking for automobile-related businesses.

“It would restrict my private parking lot that belongs to me. They want to restrict that to one parking spot to every 250 feet of shop space,” said resident Charlie Callani.

Callani has owned Charlie’s Auto Repair on Madison Avenue for 10 years.

“Our employees can’t park on the street, our customers can’t park on the street. We have four people who work here, plus a tow truck,” said Callani.

In addition, the ordinance would require an inspection to get permission to operate and handling waste appropriately.

“At the end of the day, public spaces should be just that and not for the benefit of one sole business. The city should not be subsidizing private business costs,” said George.

The city said they are open to more discussion with shop owners before a final vote.

If approved, the ordinance would take effect Jan. 1 of next year.