(WJW) – In modern politics, bipartisan support seems impossible. However, Ohio Senator Bill DeMora believes he’s found a bill to do just that.

“When I got back, I said this is something easy and I think bipartisan-wise agreed on,” he said.

DeMora, a Democrat, has helped put together a group of politicians on both sides of the aisle with a mission to protect Ohio’s election workers.

Together, they introduced Senate Bill 173, which would protect election officials’ private information.

“This basically just adds a few words to what is already in law. It just adds election workers into the current bill which says prosecutors, parole officers, police officers, etc,” said DeMora. 

DeMora calls this move a no-brainer. Pete Zeigler, with Summit County’s Board of Elections, agrees.

“We are a public office. All sorts of people come and they are in all sorts of moods. Sometimes it can be angry about politics, sometimes they are angry about something else,” said Zeigler.

In recent years, Zeigler says his workers have become nervous about potential harassment. He believes eventually that might make them wonder why their job is worth it. 

“Putting on an election is not an easy endeavor and it doesn’t get any easier when you see some of the stuff happening out in the political world,” Zeigler said.

DeMora thinks this bill could help bring these workers peace of mind. That alone is motivating DeMora to push this legislation forward. 

“These people are hardworking and dedicated. If they can feel a little protection from this bill, it’s worth it,” DeMora said.