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WARREN – A principal who was issued a ticket for allegedly parking in a handicap area is expected to pay the fine.

However, Warren police union members are still asking for an apology from school officials, who had the officer removed from the building shortly after the ticket was issued.

Warren patrol officer Adam Chinchic, who worked at the Jefferson PK-8 building, was escorted from the school Tuesday after he gave Principal Carrie Boyer a ticket. City Law Director Greg Hicks said Boyer parked her car in the striped area next to a handicap parking space. Hicks said Boyer was warned several times before receiving the ticket.

Warren police union members and school officials, including Superintendent Steve Chiaro, met at the station Friday to discuss the situation.

“The discussion at our meeting today with the police union officials went well,” Chiaro said, in a written statement sent to the Fox 8 I-Team. “I believe we are working together in a positive direction to achieve a common goal.”

Neither side would give specific details of the meeting but said the principal is expected to be paying the ticket soon. It is not known if Chinchic, who is now working patrol will return to the school.

“We still want an apology for how this was handled,” said Patrol Officer Mike Stabile, a police union representative. “We have not had anything like this happen before and we want to make sure the lines of the communication are open so that an officer is not escorted from a building for doing his job.”

Stabile said Chinchic acted properly by issuing the ticket. Police union members are planning to attend the next Warren Board of Education meeting to voice their concerns about how the matter was handled.

Boyer did not return a call to discuss the matter.

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