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ROCHESTER, Michigan (WJW) – Have you ever dreamt of owning a castle? Here is your chance!

The “private palace” and 6-acre property in Oakland Township, Michigan first hit the market last summer but, after a recent $150,000 price cut, the estate of your dreams is more affordable than ever. Well, “affordable” if you can afford a $2.3 million home.

In terms of castles, it’s still fairly new. Built in 1990, the castle isn’t from Medieval times, although it certainly looks like it.

According to the castle’s listing through Sotheby’s International Realty, the home cost more than $10 million to build and has everything a King or Queen might want in a home. Features such as a moat, waterfall, drawbridge, portcullis, and two gated tours. It even has secret rooms, hidden doors, hidden passageways, a hidden staircase, and a few more surprises.

Construction of the unique design took over six years and utilized artisans from all over the world, according to the listing.

The Medieval look though comes with modern-day amenities. According to the listing, there is an elevator, wine cellar, and Tudor-style pub. And, four-car garage.

There are also six new high-efficiency furnaces and air conditioning units (it takes a lot of energy to heat and cool a castle!) As well as, $100,000 in window/door upgrades, and about $20,000 in electrical updates.

The floor plan boasts more than 6,000 square feet, five bedrooms, and seven bathrooms.

See the complete listing, here.