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CLEVELAND (WJW) – President Donald Trump returned to the Buckeye State on Thursday.

Air Force One landed at Burke Lakefront Airport, where the President gave a short speech to supporters and praised local Republican politicians.

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine was unable to meet with the President. Shortly before Trump’s arrival, DeWine tested positive for coronavirus. According to his office, he has no symptoms and will quarantine for 14 days.

“A very good friend of mine just tested positive,” Trump said about DeWine. “We want to wish him the best. He’ll be fine. I guess he’s going for a secondary test.”

“He’s a great guy and he’s done a fantastic job.”

Before leaving for the Whirlpool Corporation Manufacturing Plant in Clyde, Trump criticized presumptive Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, calling him “Sleepy Joe.” Trump said he is leading in the polls in Ohio and expects a bigger victory than in 2016.

“We built the greatest economy in the history of the world, better than any other nation by far. And then the plague was released by China, whether it was incompetent or other reasons, it got out. It didn’t get out in China,” Trump said.

Trump toured the plant then delivered additional remarks to a socially-distanced crowd. He boasted about the county’s manufacturing of ventilators and masks for the national stockpile while dealing with the ongoing coronavirus crisis.

The President has a private fundraiser at the Shoreby Club in Bratenahl later in the day before he heads back to the White House.The president officially relaunched his 2020 campaign in Toledo in January.