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BURNSVILLE, Minn. — A pregnant mother is being credited for helping save a boy from drowning.

According to Fox 9, Stephanie Swedberg, who is 33-weeks pregnant, was at Crystal Beach Park in Burnsville, Minnesota Sunday morning, teaching her 3-year-old twins to swim.

About 20 feet away from where she was with her kids, another group of boys were horsing around in deeper water.

“I didn’t realize anything was off until I saw one of the moms fully dressed, sprinting into the water and screaming for somebody to help her son,” Swedberg, a former lifeguard, reportedly said. “Then I looked over and I saw one of the boys unable to keep his head above the water. He wasn’t screaming… he was just thrashing around, bobbing a little bit.”

Swedberg handed off her son and swam to the boy. Once they were back on land and the boy was safe, she encouraged him to continue with swimming lessons, and, in the future, “maybe become a lifeguard.”

Despite the fact that she had been a lifeguard for five summers when she was younger, Swedberg said this was her first rescue.