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CLEVELAND (WJW) – With the cold winter weather back in Northeast Ohio, drivers are already dealing with potholes causing some serious damage.

Ohio State Highway Patrol confirmed Monday that over a dozen drivers were impacted by a large pothole in the area of I-90/SR-2 West just beyond East 55th Street, sending many vehicles to local mechanics.

So, how can drivers get reimbursed for the damages?

The Ohio Department of Transportation is responsible for interstate, U.S. and state routes. Drivers impacted by potholes on roadways where ODOT has jurisdiction should call (216) 581-2100. ODOT can direct them on how to submit a claim.

ODOT says drivers can also file a complaint online with information like the lane they were in, the direction they were traveling and a description of the incident. Claimants have up to two years to file.

Earlier this year, ODOT said all reported pothole claims are taken seriously and crews get out as soon as possible to fix them.

If ODOT doesn’t have jurisdiction, drivers should file a reimbursement claim to the responsible agency, whether that be a city, township, village or county, where the pothole was hit.

In Cleveland, on the city’s website, there is a section for vehicle damage from potholes with a downloadable incident claim form.

Some of the documentation drivers will need is a copy of their automobile title, registration or lease contract, insurance coverage information, two estimates of costs of repair and photos of the vehicle damage and alleged defect.

Also, it’s important to note that many insurance providers cover pothole damage if the driver has collision coverage. Check with your own insurance provider for more details.