ERIE COUNTY, Ohio (WJW) — Portions of local highways are being set apart to honor fallen heroes from Northeast Ohio.

It’s part of House Bill 578 signed by Governor DeWine and enacted on Thursday.

U.S. Navy Hospital Corpsman Maxton Soviak, one of 13 service men and women killed when a bomb exploded at the Kabul Airport in Afghanistan on August 26, will be honored on an Erie County stretch of highway.

The eastbound and westbound lanes of State Route 113 between McIntyre Road and Twin Oaks Drive in Erie county has been named the “U.S. Navy Corpsman Maxton Soviak Memorial Highway.”

Cleveland police officer David Fahey, who was killed in 2017 in the line of duty after getting run down by a hit-and-run driver, will be honored on a portion of I-90.

The eastbound and westbound lanes of I-90 in Cuyahoga County are named “Officer David Fahey Jr. Cleveland Police First District Memorial Highway.”

His fellow officers in 2021 placed a thin blue line flag below a large brown highway sign with Fahey’s name, along I-90 on the west side before entering Cleveland. The Ohio Department of Transportation ordered it to be taken down after it said it received complaints.

The portions of SR113 and I-90 may receive a marker indicating the new name, the bill says.