Poll of 40 woollybears: ‘Expect a mild winter!’ But what will our meteoroligsts say?

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GEAUGA COUNTY, Ohio — According to a poll of nearly 40 woollybears in Geauga County, Northeast Ohio should get a mild winter.

The Geauga Park District tweeted photos of swarms of our little fuzzy friends. The creatures are — in our opinion — overwhelmingly orange!

**If you’re more a fan of science, the Fox 8 Weather team will issue their Winter Weather Outlook and tell us how much snow will fly tonight at 6 p.m.**

According to legend, the size of the stripe on a woollybear determines the harshness of the winter ahead. A lot of orange predicts a mild winter, while a little line forewarns severe conditions.

Fox 8’s Dick Goddard always says the predictions made over the years with the caterpillars have been remarkably accurate.

“Caterpillars have on many times versus the computers,” he said.

Last month, our Fox 8 Meteorologists issued their Woollybear Winter Forecast, saying the woollybears were predicting a mild start to winter followed by an icy, snowy beginning to the new year.

Take a look at the little guys below, and take your own guess!

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