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MURRAY, Utah — A Utah woman is facing a felony charge related to animal torture after allegedly putting a hair tie around a 4-month-old puppy’s mouth for as long as two weeks to keep the dog from barking.

According to FOX 13, Shadow, a black Labrador retriever-German shepherd mix, is severely disfigured in her nose and mouth because of mistreatment from her previous owner.  Shadow also has an expansive scar and a hole in her face, even when she closes her mouth, as a result of the abuse.

Alexis Callen, Shadow’s former owner, allegedly admitted to tying the dog’s mouth shut for 48 hours to keep her quiet so she could sleep.

According to a probable cause statement obtained by the news outlet, a veterinarian determined Shadow was actually tied up for far longer than that, based on the severity of her injuries.

Callen has since been arrested and taken to jail on a felony charge of torture of a companion animal.

The rescue organization that took Shadow in reportedly said the damage is so extensive, that she now needs a $2,000 surgery. The veterinarian expects she’ll make a full recovery, but it’ll take at least two weeks after surgery.

Anyone who wishes to donate to the rescue or help cover the cost of Shadow’s surgery can call Blue Pearl Pet Hospital at (801) 871-0600 and request the Celestial Zoo Shadow fund, or visit the Celestial Zoo website.