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SHEFFIELD LAKE, Ohio (WJW) — Police are searching for a male accused of pulling out a gun in front of a woman and her child while they were walking a trail Monday afternoon.

The incident took place at Gary Green Memorial Park, Sheffield Lake police said, with the suspect and people of interest caught on camera.

Prior to the woman and her child entering the park, footage showed two males and a female meeting up near the playground, appearing to know one another around 2:30 p.m. Once the woman and her child are seen entering about 10 minutes later, one of the males watches them walk by and then appears to be pointing what could be a gun at the ground before following them on the bike path.

The woman told police she noticed the male following them before he “brandished the firearm in their direction.” She said she got her kid out of there quickly, running away and calling police. She said she couldn’t be sure if the gun was real or not but wasn’t going to take that risk.

Upon arrival, police could not find the suspect or the persons of interest.

The suspect was wearing a white hoodie and the woman described him as possibly being a teenager. As a precaution, Knollwood Elementary was put under lockdown for a while.

Take a look at footage stills below:

An investigation is ongoing and anyone with information should reach out to Sheffield Lake police at 440-949-7131.