Editor’s note: The video above is from a previous report.

BREWSTER, Ohio (WJW) – Police in a small Stark County village are still looking for a wallaby that had been spotted roaming in the area last week.

The animal was first spotted on Thursday, August 11.

The Brewster Police Department says it hasn’t received any sighting calls since Sunday, but a team is still working to capture the animal safely.

It was last known to be spotted south of Elton Street in the village.

“We ask people to refrain from looking for the animal or entering onto properties of another to locate the animal,” police said in a release.

Originally it was believed there may have been two kangaroos after witnesses first reported seeing a “baby kangaroo.” Police have since clarified the animal is a wallaby, not a kangaroo, and there is only one.

According to the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo, both kangaroos and wallabies belong to the marsupial family but a wallaby is much smaller in size and can be identified by its shorter stature and more compact legs when compared to the kangaroo.

Anyone with information on the wallaby should contact their local law enforcement or Brewster Police Dispatch at (330)-830-4272.