COLUMBIANA, Ohio (WKBN) — A Cleveland man faces multiple charges after police say he hid part of a gun in his anal canal, according to a police report.

Just after 12:30 a.m. last Tuesday, police made a traffic stop on state Route 7 near Heck Road in Columbiana after noticing expired registration on a vehicle, according to the report.

Reports say an officer approached the vehicle and saw a suspect in the passenger’s seat put the slide of a gun in the back seat. The passenger also had a plastic bag in his lap that he was trying to get onto the floor, according to the report. Police also noticed a decent amount of marijuana shake on his lap.

Police patted down the driver and she was cleared, according to the report.

Another officer then patted down the passenger and found a bullet in his lap. They also found a loaded magazine in the passenger door pocket, according to the report.

When police detained the suspect, Michael Mitchell, 31 of Cleveland, he said he did not have a gun, according to the report. But, when police walked back to the vehicle, Mitchell then revealed there was a gun in the vehicle.

An officer found the grip of a gun in the glove box, the barrel in the center console, and the slide in the back of the driver’s seat. There was also a handful of marijuana on the dash, according to the report.

Police arrested Mitchell on an outstanding warrant and prior convictions that kept him from legally owning a gun.

As police transported Mitchell to the jail, they found he kept reaching into his pants and fidgeting during the car ride.

Without prompting, Mitchell also reportedly mentioned he thought his friend had taken the recoil spring of the gun at some point, the report stated.

After Mitchell was booked, police found the recoil spring in the trash can of the booking room, wrapped in toilet paper, according to the report.

Video footage of the room shows Mitchell digging around in his pants and then disposing of the spring in the trash can, according to the report. Police believe Mitchell kept the spring in his anus.

Mitchell was booked into jail on a charge of having weapons under disability and tampering with evidence. His bond was set at $20,000 in municipal court last Tuesday, and Mitchell posted bond on Friday.

He was due back in court Monday but failed to appear. His bond is now $50,000. A warrant has been issued for his arrest and a bond revocation hearing is set for July 20.