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CLEVELAND (WJW)– Two women are safe after a dramatic rescue on the Lake Erie shoreline early Friday morning.

Cleveland Metroparks police, Cleveland police and paramedics responded to the chaotic scene at the East 55th Street Marina just after 2 a.m. They received a 911 call that a woman fell into the lake near the break wall.

Adding to the initial confusion, the caller was unable to give an accurate description of where the emergency was unfolding. The caller told the dispatcher, “I’m on 72nd and St. Clair at the lake… My sister fell in the lake, we’re holding her up right now.”

It turns out a group of people were at the lakefront and after the first victim fell into the lake, another member of the group jumped in to help her. One of the women was able to get out by climbing up a ladder on the break wall.

Police threw a life jacket to the second woman in the water and had her place a rescue rope under her arms. Using their collective strength, friends of victim, police officers and paramedics teamed up to pull the victim up the break wall.

The two women were evaluated by paramedics, and declined further treatment.