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SANDUSKY, Ohio — An apparent joke between a mother and two children ended with criminal charges earlier this week.

It happened Monday when Sandusky police received a complaint about Tiffany Ennis, 31, from the father of her son.

The father, Rudy Yado, tells FOX 8 News that he received a text from Ennis showing a picture of their son, who is 7 years old, with his eyes and mouth covered in duct tape. Yado says there were no words sent in the text, just the picture.

He reportedly texted Ennis back saying he didn’t find the photo funny. She disagreed, stating that not only did she think it was funny, but their son did also, police said.

Yado says he then tried calling Ennis.

“All I could think about was, why did she do it? I wanted her to tell me why she did it but she hung up on me,” said Yado.

Yado then called Sandusky police to investigate.

“I think somebody made a bad judgement,” said Detective Sgt. Dana Newell of the Sandusky Police Department, adding, “I just don’t think it was a wise decision.”

Newell says detectives went to school and interviewed the boy and the daughter of a friend who was also wrapped in duct tape.

Neither of the children appeared to have been harmed and told police it was all for fun.

“They were playing around and the mom got involved,” said Newell. “It was all for fun, playing around. We checked them over and luckily they didn’t have any injuries.”

The case was forwarded to the Erie County Children Services. A spokesperson for the agency declined comment on Thursday, saying they could no longer talk about it since the case had been turned over to a local prosecutor.

Yado says Ennis has custody of their children. He says he is on disability and is behind on making child support payments for which he expects to serve a 30-day jail sentence.

Yado denies turning in Ennis for any reason other than he was concerned for his children.

Ennis was charged with two counts of child endangering. She pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Nobody answered the door at her residence on Thursday.