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MENTOR-ON-THE-LAKE, Ohio — A 34-year-old Lake County man is facing criminal charges after police say he plowed through a quiet Mentor-on-the-Lake neighborhood while passed out at the wheel of his car with his two children in the back seat.

Police were called to Primrose Drive Thursday night after the man drove across six yards before crashing into a telephone pole. He left a path of damage in his wake.

“All of the sudden I hear my mother, I hear my mom go ‘car, car, car’ and here comes this red car traveling through the yards,” said resident Kim Desotelf.

Residents were disturbed to find two small boys–six months and three years old–strapped into car seats in the back seat of the car. The man was revived from a suspected heroin overdose with two doses of Narcan.

“It’s upsetting. How could people choose that, because we know what it was, over their children? Bottom line, made a choice; bad choices are being made,” Desotelf said.

Investigators say it appears the man blacked out while driving down Andrews Road, came across a field and then rammed through a fence.

As residents cleaned up the mess, they were grateful no one was injured. “God was watching over Primrose.. because nobody was hurt so we were lucky; we’re very lucky and the property damage is one thing but, you know, if he would have hurt somebody or God forbid the children in his car, it would have been devastating.”

The man now faces charges of OVI and child endangering. The case is also being referred to case workers in Lake County.