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FRESNO, Calif. (WJW) — A K-9 officer in California is being hailed a hero for helping to save an officer’s life despite being stabbed multiple times.

According to the Fresno Police Department, K-9 Argo and Officer Sturgeon responded to a domestic violence call on Saturday. The two were involved in a struggle while attempting to take the suspect into custody.

As the suspect attempted to flee, Argo chased him down and latched on to his arm, the Associated Press reports.

The news outlet says the suspect stabbed K-9 Argo six times before moving toward police. However, one of the officers was reportedly able to use a stun gun on the suspect, forcing him to drop the knife.

Police say K-9 Argo was also bit by a pit bull during the incident.

“Through the entire incident, K-9 Argo stayed engaged and did his job to the best of his K-9’s ability, protecting his handler and other officers,” officials wrote on social media.

K-9 Argo was taken to an area pet hospital for treatment. He received surgery and is expected to make a full recovery.

Lt. Tim Tietjen told the AP that K-9 Argo “saved the officer’s life” and had he not been present, the suspect would’ve been able to stab the officer.