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SANDUSKY – A Sandusky police incident report on last week’s fatal accident states that a witness and pictures show the man was inside the restricted area of the Raptor roller coaster.

The report states that friends who were with James Young last Thursday at Cedar Point, told police that they went on the ride with Young and when he got off the roller coaster he couldn’t find his phone.

Young thought he dropped the phone while riding the Raptor and went back to look for it.

Police say Young entered the restricted area and was struck by the Raptor ride train. Police say Young’s cell phone was never found.

“Cedar Point personnel provided reporting officer still pictures of the people riding the Raptor during the accident,” the report states. “In viewing these pictures, it clearly shows Young in the restricted area and Young’s head being struck by the metal support bar, under the Raptor train.”

Police say they are continuing to talk to witnesses and say it may be several more days before the investigation is complete.

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