Police departments from around the country helping Ohio teen in his fight against cancer

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EAST LIVERPOOL, Ohio — Police departments from around the country are helping in an Ohio teen’s brave battle against cancer.

Gavin Campbell, 15, of East Liverpool, was diagnosed with Ewing’s sarcoma, after his family found a spot on his arm that looked like a blood blister, Gavin’s dad told WKBN.

When the East Liverpool Police Department learned of Gavin’s battle and that he has dreamed of becoming a police officer, they did something wonderful.

On a post on the department’s Facebook page, police said:

“Gavin has started a collection of patches from different departments around the country and ELPD would like to challenge our brothers in Blue, Red, and any other EMS to help this young man grow that collection. Send your patches to ELPD care of Team Gavin at 126 W 6th Street, East Liverpool, Ohio 43920 and we will personally deliver them to him. We hope everyone shares this worldwide so that Gavin knows we all have his back in this fight!”

Gavin has already received patches from Florida, New York, and Washington, D.C.  Police in Willowick, Ohio, posted that they will be sending a patch to Gavin, too.

The teen told WKBN, he may sew the patches onto a police shirt that he was given, or he may frame them.

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