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AUSTINTOWN, Ohio – Austintown police arrested two people Monday following an unusual pursuit.

In a report from Austintown police, an officer said he found a running car sitting in the middle of the road just after 4 a.m.

When the police cruiser got near the car, the officer says the car sped off. The officer says he tried to stop the car, but the driver wouldn’t pull over.

The officer says he followed the car several blocks.

That’s when police say the driver quickly pulled into a private driveway and sped toward the house.

Police say the driver, 23-year-old Logan Daugherty, stopped the car and ran into the home he yelled for him to stop.

The officer says he could see two guns and multiple knives in the passenger’s seat of the car.

The officer says that’s when he called for more police units.

Police set up a perimeter and told three people who were standing on the porch of the home to exit, one by one.

Police say 27-year-old Alyssa Zebrasky, of Canfield, began walking toward them and said, “I have a knife on me, what are you going to do about that?”

Alyssa Zebrasky, Courtesy: Austintown police

According to the report, officers handcuffed her, while she cried and kicked.

Police say the homeowner gave permission to enter the residence. Officers say that’s where they arrested Daughtery.

Police say he was one of six people who was lying on the floor.

In addition to arresting Daughtery, they learned one of those people also had a warrant for their arrest out of Trumbull County on a traffic citation.

When police asked him Daughtery why he ran, he told them he “had to go to the bathroom,” according to the report.

Police said all the guns in the car were actually BB guns.

Daugherty faces charges for reckless operation on a roadway, obstructing official business and failure to comply.

Zebrasky is being charged with obstructing official business.