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HURON TWP., Ohio — More questions than answers remain in the deaths of two people found dead in their home this weekend.

Erie County Sheriff’s deputies were called to a condominium in the Beachwood Villas in Huron Township late Saturday afternoon and made a disturbing discovery. The bodies of two people were found inside.

Erie County Sheriff Paul Sigsworth believes they were the elderly woman and her son who lived there.

“We’re going to have to wait for confirmation of their identity through the coroner’s office. The bodies were badly decomposed,” he said.

At this time, investigators do not know how long they have been dead or how they died.

Sigsworth said the bodies were found in two different rooms in the house, and no weapons were found.

“No initial signs of foul play that we could determine. No indication of forced entry into the residence as if maybe a burglary had occurred,” he added.

It was a postal carrier who first alerted authorities. The mail had started piling up and that didn’t seem right.

Dennis Forthofer described his neighbors has quiet, reserved people.

“I haven’t seen him for a month. Which – now to me — that is very strange. But, at the time, you know, he wasn’t an outgoing person,” he said.

Forthofer said he rarely saw the elderly woman, but said her son like to be outside doing yard work.

“He did a lot of volunteering. He would rake other people’s yards for something to do. He’s the kind of individual who if there was a stick on somebody else’s yard, he’d go pick it up,” Forthofer added.

Authorities are hoping the autopsy results will help determine what happened inside the condominium.

At this time, they know of no family to notify of their deaths.

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