(WJW) – Is the mascot of A&W Restaurants getting a wardrobe change?

Rooty the Great Root Bear has been the A&W Restaurants mascot for 60 years, dressed in a shirt and a beret. But the company wrote on Twitter Tuesday he’ll “wear jeans going forward.”

In a Twitter post aimed at America, the company said Rooty’s lack of pants to go with his orange sweater was, “polarizing,” similar to what Mars said about its M&M’s spokes candies earlier this week.

“America, let’s talk. Since 1963, Rooty the Great Root Bear has been our beloved spokesbear. We knew people would notice because he’s literally a 6-foot tall bear wearing an orange sweater.” But now we get it – even a mascot’s lack of pants can be polarizing,” the Tweet said.

“Not to worry though: he will remain our official spokesbear,” the tweet said. “After all, he is un-bear-ably cute and im-paw-ssible to replace. We are confident Rooty will continue to champion good food & good times for many years to come… now in denim.”

This tweet comes just days after Mars decided to shelve its M&M “spokescandies” mascots after receiving backlash over recent design changes.

Mars said the company would be redesigning the M&M’s characters as part of the brand’s commitment “to creating a world where everyone feels they belong.”

For example, the green M&M traded her go-go boots for a pair of sneakers, and the brown M&M changed her motto to “Not bossy. Just the boss.” They also introduced the new purple M&M, who is also female.

Mars also announced a limited release of “all-female” packages.

On Monday, Mars said it had decided to temporarily ditch the candy mascots and hand over the reins to a new (real-life) spokesperson: Maya Rudolph.