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NORTH CANTON, Ohio (WJW) — Small children misplace things all the time. But never their best friend.

Bun is a 8-inch stuffed pink rabbit, bigger than Tinkerbell and a lot smaller than an Ewok, and will always be larger than life for 4-year-old Isabelle.

“We do stickers and paint a picture of a unicorn.” Isabelle said.

Bun goes everywhere and does everything with Isabelle. She was with Isabelle on the flight home from grandma’s house in Colorado on Saturday. But Bun never made it home to North Canton.

“Isabelle had been away from her daddy for a month because she was visiting grandma and auntie. And we we’re so excited at the baggage claim that Isabelle jumped into daddy’s arms and bunny said, ‘I think I want to go on another plane,'” said Trisha Magnus, Isabelle’s mother.

At least, that’s what they hope happened to Bun. But she may have somehow fallen into a nook at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport somewhere around baggage claim or the parking garage, and can’t find her way home. The Fourth of July holiday slowed down the search, but the folks with lost and found have looked and so far, no luck.

Trisha posted more about the missing Bun on Facebook, and it was shared with Cleveland Hopkins International Airport’s page. Hundreds of people have passed it on hoping that someone may find Bun and send her home.

“I have friends in New Jersey and in Georgia and Alabama that are posting and saying they know other people in Ohio so it’s just anyone that they may know who could have possibly gone through the Cleveland airport they’re posting it,” Trisha said. Trisha’s post may have reached a lot of people, but there’s still no Bun.

Isabelle doesn’t sleep well sometimes and worries that her little pink friend won’t be able to buy another ticket to fly home.

The folks with Cleveland Hopkins International said they’ve looked but so far, no sign of the pink bunny. They’re asking if anyone has seen it to turn it over to the airport’s lost and found.