(WJW) – The job of a FOX 8 News anchor comes with its perks! One of them may be the chance to rub an elbow with a celebrity or two.

On FOX 8 News in the Morning, a viewer reached out to the “FOX 8 Customer Service Desk” and asked our anchors “Who was your first major celebrity interview?”

Jesica Dill said her first celebrity interview was with Zac Brown of the Zac Brown Band, but her most memorable was with LeBron James!

Jessica Dill interviews LeBron James

Jessica interviewed LeBron at the 2015 movie premiere of Trainwreck. Wayne Dawson said he also interviewed LeBron a time or two.

“I got a chance to interview LeBron a couple of times, his first stint in Cleveland when he was approachable when you could actually interview him,” said Wayne Dawson. “When he came back the second time you had to catch him on the run.”

Wayne said his first big interview was with President George H.W. Bush but his most memorable was with Snoop Dogg.

Wayne Dawson interviews Snoop Dogg

Wayne also reflected back on interviews with Jesse Jackson and Chubby Checker.

Todd Meany struggled to remember his first celebrity interview but shared some of his more recent and memorable celebrity meetings which included meeting the Russo Brothers, Smokey Robinson, and Hulk Hogan.

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