BROWARD COUNTY, Florida (WJW) – A pilot who crash-landed his plane into alligator-infested waters in the remote Florida Everglades was successfully saved from the wing of his aircraft.

The incident took place on Tuesday, October 31, and involved joint efforts by Miami-Dade Fire Rescue and Broward Sheriff Fire Rescue.

Upon receiving reports of a downed Cessna Skyhawk 172M aircraft in a secluded area, the emergency responders swiftly mobilized. Arriving at the scene, they were astonished to find the pilot perched on the wing of the plane. The pilot had been stranded there since four in the morning, enduring the presence of “alligators, mosquitos, and everything else out there,” as described by the first responders.

A video capturing the rescue operation showcases the arrival of the rescue aircraft to the crash site. One of the first responders expertly lowered himself down to the partially submerged plane wing before returning with the pilot, ensuring his safe extraction from the perilous situation.

The pilot was taken to the hospital for minor injuries.